Protein Science Facility

New projects are welcomed and can generally be accommodated fast. To use any of the platforms at Protein Science Facility, please get in touch with PSF by email or phone, see PSF general info for contact information.

Project outline
An initial project discussion serves to establish the project’s feasibility and describe PSF modus operandi. After agreement and collection of all necessary information and material the project is initiated as soon as possible. In case of exhaustion of the first-come-first-served system the PSF application form functions as a basis for a peer-review project prioritisation handled by the SWEDSTRUCT board. After completed experimental work the resulting material is transferred back together with documentation of the work.
Access to the MX beamlines at the MAX IV Laboratory

Access to beam time is through an independent peer-reviewed proposal system where proposals will be reviewed on their scientific merits. Technical feasibility of the experiments will be checked by staff scientists. There are three proposal modes; Normal proposals: Proposals for beamtime in the next allocation period, 1 year for MX. Long term proposals: These proposals are intended for large research groups or collaborating research groups that need a large and continuous amount of beamtime. Long term proposals are given beamtime for a period of two years. Fast access proposals Proposals for short term MX projects (maximum three 24h shifts) that need fast access to beamtime not covered by normal or long term proposals.
Thanks to SWEDSTRUCT, the MAX IV Laboratory can offer travel/accomodation support to Swedish users that have to travel to Lund and/or need accommodation for doing an experiment at our current MX beamlines. Information on our access programs can be found at
SWEDSTRUCT also provides support to the development of remote access possibilities to access the beamlines. We have the necessary hardware to provide this type of access but the software environment needs to be adapted and we are currently working on thus issue.
Swedish NMR center

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